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I'll Get On Amazon Soon, No Rush

Updated: Oct 29, 2018

Myth 3: Amazon Is Still Small & I Can Get Great Sales Elsewhere


From the date of this writing Amazon has about 49% of all e-commerce sales and about 5% of all sales. In case your jaw didn't drop go back an read that first sentence again. Amazon is a juggernaut and growing daily. If you're not on Amazon then you are losing a significant percentage of profit. And your loses are growing everyday you're not on Amazon.

Targeted Customers

We have heard people talk of Amazon like they would Ebay or Google or some other site. But Amazon is very different. The power of Amazon comes from a few things.

One, they are a huge marketplace and growing. Millions of products that attract millions of shoppers daily.

Two, targeted shoppers. Unlike Google or Ebay or any other site. Most people are just looking around and "window shopping" online. But on Amazon you are very confident as a business that the person on their market is going to buy and not just kick the tires.

Three, ease of use. Shoppers love Amazon because it's easy. I type in what I want, pay with one click and get it Prime within 2 days. Then if for some reason they aren't happy, Amazon takes it back and refunds the customer. Easy peasy.

Not As Easy As It Looks

One thing we know for sure. After getting into Amazon for many years is that it looks simple but it's not. From page optimization, click ads, intense competition, hijackers and so much more. Amazon truly is a jungle (see what we did there?).

Having experience and the right partner can take your sales to new heights. With the right brand partner you can take it easy while an experienced seller takes care of the major issues. All while increasing sales and profits for you. Free service! Does it get better then that?

Amazon looks for value from any brand or seller. The more value you add to Amazon the more they will love your brand. And the more they love your brand the more customers of the millions that visit the site will buy your products.

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