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The Less The Merrier

Updated: Oct 29, 2018

Myth 1: More Sellers Online = More Profits

Less Sellers Means Control

Makes sense right? The less companies selling your product online means more control for you. If you have 30 companies selling your amazing product how do you know who's doing what? How do you know they're not violating MAP? Do they even care at all about your product or brand?

By having one or even two sellers selling your product online you have control. And that is very important for your brand and image. Amazon can be very punishing if you don't follow the rules or optimize its marketplace. Many sellers make optimization on Amazon difficult if not impossible.

Does Anyone Care About You?

We're talking about your brand, image and product. Not you specifically. If you have 40 sellers trying to sell a product for you then who is taking care of it. Who is taking the time and effort to help your product and brand look its best?

If you have a lot of sellers, we would say no one. From our experience when you have a lot of companies selling you have no one looking out for you or your brand. Amazon is the place many shoppers go. More then 45% of online sales happen on that market. It is time consuming and difficult to get to the top. A caring seller can help.

Motivation Can Supercharge Sales

With a lot of sellers all selling the same products online we bet there is no one company that is motivated to add value. No company that cares enough to push the brand to the next level. No one to increase sales day after day and in turn increase your profits.

By optimizing listings, images, videos and just knowing the marketplace inside and out, one amazing and caring seller can do wonders online. They take THEIR time and THEIR effort to increase YOUR sales. You do nothing and get everything. Sounds too good to be true but we know from experience that this is possible.

So as you can see there are many reasons to not want more sellers on Amazon. We totally agree with that statement. The key is to get a one or maybe two that truly care and want to build your brand with you.

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