Brand Partner

Namastra is the brand partner you didn't know you were searching for. What does that mean? We are a very experienced online retailer and we partner with you...and many other brands.


We don't simply sell your products. Anyone can do that.

We add value to your company. Namastra works very closely with you to get the most out of your brands. We get to know you, your products and how you do business. We become a family...with profits in mind. Your growth is our success.

Here are a few items our dedicated team takes on so you can focus on amazing products:

  • MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) Policing

  • Unauthorized Seller Removal

  • Negative Product Feedback

  • Content Control

  • Too Many Sellers (Lack of Control)

  • Low Sales Volume

  • And Much More (Over 22 more)

​Get in touch today. We guarantee a 5 minute call or email exchange and you will see how we can increase your sales.

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